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Join Us for a COOL Night Out!

Tired of loose skin and wrinkly fat? Are you looking for a new & safe way to get rid of skin on your stomach, arms, thighs and other areas? Coolsculpting might just be the treatment for you! Simply Posh is excited to announce one of our summer events is finally happening! Similar to that of our last event, Simply Posh will be hosting a CoolSculpting event this June 16th, from 6pm-8pm in our spa!

Here at Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa, we pride ourselves in great customer service, but also in having the newest, most effective treatments in the Long Island area! Coolsculpting is the new FDA-approved procedure that freezes fat cells beneath your skin….Coolsculpting helps shape and tighten those stubborn areas; trim your tummy with just ONE treatment!

Coolsculpting has taken fat loss to new heights with its FREEZING technology that’s been highly-acclaimed in beauty and fitness magazines across the country.

And the best part? The fat loss procedure only takes one hour with zero downtime!!! Because the procedure is non-surgical, you’re able to sit back, relax, and reshape your body in just one session. Read a book, watch TV or even make an important business call! Coolsculpting is perfect for everyone.

One of Simply Posh’s licensed Esthetician can help you customize a treatment plan to achieve your ultimate body-slimming goals!

Clients can speak with our expert aestheticians with any questions or concerns regarding Coolsculpting!

There is even a chance to win a $100 gift card for any spa treatment of your choice! Participants could also win a FREE coolsculpting treatment!

Admission is free, but space is limited at our Spa, so RSVP quickly before all the spots fill up!

Call: (516) 422-7674 or Email: Jayme@simplyposh.com

Jayme Bashian


31 May, 2016


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