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Instalift|Long Island|Non-Surgical

 What is InstaLift? 

Instalift is an alternative to a surgical facelift. Its a non-invasive procedure that’s helps with skin tightening and lift .

How does it work?

Instalift uses special dissolvable sutures (polylactic acid) that naturally  absorbed into  your body while stimulating production of collagen.

How lnog does the procedure take?

The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes and doesn’t requires anesthesia ,incisions ,scarring, and no recovery time.

Will I be in pain?

For your comfort lidocaine is injected into the skin. InstaLift facelift provides non-surgical skin tightening and lift in a manner that is effective and safe.

When will I notice the results?

Results are seen immediately! It has been used in Europe for years, and finally has been FDA approved for American patients.



Jayme Bashian


06 Mar, 2017

Instalift,  Skin Tightening

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